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  •                                           C/s Apparatus (For Wet Analysis)                                          
  • Hot plate (For Wet Analysis)
  • Balance-Monopan Electronic (For Wet Analysis)
  • Polishing Machine (For Spectroscopic Analysis)
  • Digital Spectrophotometer-CL-320 (For Wet Analysis)
  • Spectrometer- 7 Base
  • Muffle Furnace (For Wet Analysis)
  • Electrolytic Analyzer (For Wet Analysis)
  • Universal Testing Machine (For Mechanical Testing)-600 KN.
  • Hardness Testing Machine
  • PMI Machine ,S1 Turbo
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Chemical Analysis of Metal

  Wet Analysis – Old but a proven test method of analysis used to determine the chemical composition of a metal in form of powder, strips, liquid.
  Spectro Analysis (Chemical Analysis) With 7Base, Tin- Base. Fe-Base, Cu-Base, Al-Base, Zn-Base, and Ni-Base, Lead-Base- For faster results and accurate results for the metal which are in solid or hard form. It’s much quicker in determining the chemical composition of the hard material.
  Mechanical Analysis of Metal
  Proof Yield Stress / Yield Stress / Yield Load.
  Peak Load / Ultimate Tensile Strength.
  Reduction Area in Percentage
  All Weld Tensile Test.
  Transverse Tensile Test.
  Bend Test / Root Bend Test / Face Bend Test.
  Tensile Test on TMT – Reinforcement Steel Bars.
  Rebend Test.
  Hardness Testing - Testing of the hardness in the metal using the latest machinery
  PMI for onsite testing of material.
    Basically used for the onsite sorting of the machine when the job or the material size is bigger which is not feasible to carry to lab this machine which is also known as hand spectro is used to sort the material from one another .