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  •                                           C/s Apparatus (For Wet Analysis)                                          
  • Hot plate (For Wet Analysis)
  • Balance-Monopan Electronic (For Wet Analysis)
  • Polishing Machine (For Spectroscopic Analysis)
  • Digital Spectrophotometer-CL-320 (For Wet Analysis)
  • Spectrometer- 7 Base
  • Muffle Furnace (For Wet Analysis)
  • Electrolytic Analyzer (For Wet Analysis)
  • Universal Testing Machine (For Mechanical Testing)-600 KN.
  • Hardness Testing Machine
  • PMI Machine ,S1 Turbo
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Welcome to Our Accurate Metal Test Services
Accurate Metal Test Services was founded by a technocrat cum academician to provide material testing laboratory services to various types of industries dealing in metal in one way or other. Started by lady entrepreneur who has come through a long way from being a lab technician in a lab to being aowner, a journey of 35 years + of experience.
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