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  •                                           C/s Apparatus (For Wet Analysis)                                          
  • Hot plate (For Wet Analysis)
  • Balance-Monopan Electronic (For Wet Analysis)
  • Polishing Machine (For Spectroscopic Analysis)
  • Digital Spectrophotometer-CL-320 (For Wet Analysis)
  • Spectrometer- 7 Base
  • Muffle Furnace (For Wet Analysis)
  • Electrolytic Analyzer (For Wet Analysis)
  • Universal Testing Machine (For Mechanical Testing)-600 KN.
  • Hardness Testing Machine
  • PMI Machine ,S1 Turbo
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Quality Statement
At Accurate Metal Test Services we are an NABL Accredited Laboratory for metal testing. We follow the standard procedures for testing .We got defined procedures for the testing and handling of the samples at our lab which are defined as per the certification requirement .Testing methods are defined and are strictly followed. We facilitated and allow the Third Parties to Inspect and Witness our test results. Timely calibration of the machine from the ISO/IEC/17025 (NABL), laboratories .Our spectrometer is also calibrated regularly and the quality check options like Uncertainty Test is carried out from time to time. We do also follow the defined standards for the management of the inventory at our laboratory.